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iCreek High Visibility Rain Suits for Men & Women Reflective Coats Safety Jacket and Pants Suit Waterproof

iCreek High Visibility Rain Suits for Men & Women Reflective Coats Safety Jacket and Pants Suit Waterproof

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  • 【High visibility】This rain jacket provides 360-degree visibility, ensuring the wearer's safety with its fluorescent yellow fabric. The raincoat features a two-inch wide reflective strip that covers the back, chest, elbows, waist, and legs, creating a strong visual impact.
  • 【Fabric】 Crafted from high-tech nano Oxford cloth, this raincoat features a 300D lotus leaf-style waterproof fabric. It is further enhanced with an environmentally friendly material film, providing protection against water. The fabric is not only waterproof but also soft, comfortable, and resistant to oxidation. It won't experience degumming and remains odorless, even when used in heavy rain.
  • 【Functionality】 The raincoat includes two spacious waterproof pockets at the front, allowing for convenient storage and safeguarding personal belongings. The hat features a zipper that can be opened to accommodate a work hat. Its large brim provides both windproof and waterproof properties. Additionally, the rain hat can be concealed within the collar when not in use.
  • 【Design and manufacturing】The raincoat is meticulously crafted with special waterproof glue to treat the seams, ensuring high toughness and long-lasting adherence without degumming. The double seal design prevents water leakage at the zipper position. The reflective strips are securely sewn onto the raincoat using sewing machines, ensuring durability and superior quality.
  • 【Safety】This rain jacket guarantees your safety during nighttime work, outdoor walking, and exercise.

Why Choose Us: Stay safe with our reliable rain suits. Our waterproof fabric, enhanced by fluorescent yellow color and reflective strips, ensures high visibility. Enjoy the convenience of waterproof pockets and a zippered hat for added functionality. Choose our rain suits for optimal safety during outdoor activit

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